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A Brigit of Ireland Devotional -

Sun Among Stars


“Sun Among Stars…is at once contemplative and deeply personal, educational and reflecting the evolution in understanding and belief that we all go through over time. For this alone it is an invaluable addition to the corpus of material on Brigid… Let the goddess or the saint or simply Brigid speak to you through the author’s words as you step into a deeper understanding…”


Morgan Daimler author of Pagan Portals: Brigid - Meeting The Celtic Goddess Of Poetry, Forge, And Healing Well




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Mael Brigde is a devotee of the Irish goddess and saint, Brigit, and the founder of the Daughters of the Flame, which has tended Brigit’s perpetual fire since Imbolc 1993. She publishes a general interest Brigit blog, Brigit’s Sparkling Flame, and a Brigit poetry blog, Stone on the Belly.

She teaches courses and webinars on Brigit, including Journey with Brigit, Goddess of Poetry, an intensive class that explores reading and writing poetry as a sacred act.


Mael Brigde lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she spends much of her time enjoying and caring for the creatures, plants, and humans she finds around her.

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It is a unique challenge to bridge the ancient past with the modern, and the Christian with the Pagan, but Mael Brigde does so with ease and grace. She tells the story of Brigid through remarkable poetry that is as much prayer as it is verse. This gorgeous text could be used as a guidebook for a Brigid devotee through different holidays and times of life. A must have for all lovers of Brigid.

Courtney Weber

Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess

[Mael Brigde's] journey is a deeply embodied one, reflecting insights gleaned during her studies which have become a living part of her ... This work offers a portal into the mysteries of Brigit and the possibility of readers grounding her qualities of compassion, courage, love, wisdom and fearlessness in their own unique ways in their current lives.

Dolores T. Whelan

Ever Ancient, Ever New – Celtic Spirituality in the 21st Century

Mael Brigde has meticulously researched the life, myths and legends of Brigit, Goddess and Saint to create this beautiful heartfelt book of contemplative poetry. The prose in her introduction and conclusion are both eloquent and honest. We, the readers, are gifted myriad ways to rekindle the eternal flame of Brigit in our hearts and homes. Míle buíochas – a  thousand thanks."

Dr Karen Ward

Moon Mná Ireland, co-editor of Soul Seers - an Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism

I am so glad the book is almost ready to be presented to the world. My absolute favorite presentation through Land Sea Sky was your poetry reading. It resonated so deeply in my soul and brought such surges of power, visions and many tears. 
Gemma McGowan
Priestess of Brigit, Kells, Ireland
Poetry is sacred to Brigit, so I can't imagine a more lyrical or lovely way to enter into her heart. Meet these devotions with a contemplative spirit, and allow their wonder and joy to sing to your soul.

Carl McColman

An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom and Christian Mystics


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